This conference provides a platform for National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) to come together as an attempt to identify challenges and share good practices in combating impunity and promoting and protecting human rights in South Asia. This meeting will add on previous gatherings to identify more effective ways that fundamental human rights are being abrogated (and may be protected) across SAARC member states. By bringing experts into these conversations, we will develop more clear benchmarks that allow each state, including Nepal, to assess its current position and progress with respect to international human rights norms in transition.

  • Reflect on the changed context of Human Rights in South Asia over past 15 years;
  • Provide a forum for identifying local, regional, and international challenges in human rights protection and promotion and in combating to impunity and human rights abuses. To ensure that gender and issues of gender-based violence are integrated into discussions;
  • Share effective practices for responding to fundamental rights violations and where relevant, in the times of conflict and the post-conflict period;
  • Identify effective collaborations between National Human Rights Institutions and other human rights defenders in overcoming challenges through “best practices” particularly in terms of government advocacy. To identify ways to build on effective practices in education and advocacy around human rights that have been employed to address these challenges.
  • Strengthen relationships among human rights defenders, both thematically and in terms of universal rights, across South Asia and its sub-regions.
  • Issue a joint statement/agreement regarding next steps for addressing common institutional challenges around impunity with the establishment of a regional working committee with a timeline for follow-up that does not rely on in-person meetings.
  • Initiate a regular follow up procedure with NHRIs, coordinated by the APF/based on APF grading.